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acerbicwit's Journal

I'm in my early 30's.

This LJ is primarily for venting. About my kids, about the Potterverse, about work, about wanting to go fishing but I never have the time or the money.

I devour fan fiction in the Potterverse, particularly, er mostly, Severus Snape. But not SlashySeverus. I couldn't do slash when I read X-Files fiction and I can't do it now. No matter how well written. I do like Severus when paired with a believable OFC, Granger, Narcissa, or that one wonderful story with Molly Prewitt. I do not like Severus paired with Tonks.

I used to write X-Files fan fiction but I've never been able to get a Potterverse story off the ground.

My favorite music greats are Ween, Radiohead, Strokes, and Death Cab. I also like classic rock like Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple. I like to go see live shows but I also complain that I can't because I never have any money. (see above)

I've done computer graphic fandom artwork for almost a decade and you are welcome to check it out. (link above) I also created/ran Tre-xtures and if you make icons you probably know who I am. If you do graphic art or digital scrapbooking you probably know me too.

I live between Austin and San Antonio, TX and I like to grow tomatoes.

I love camping in the winter. Saltwater fishing is my favorite thing to do.

I have a bad habit of going outside and getting fire-ant bites.

I have a lightning bolt tattoo for the Potterverse on my ankle. I wear my fandom proudly.

30 rock, ac/dc, accidental cross-dressing, arrested development, beastie boys, bellatrix black/lestrange, billowing black robes, black sabbath, bud select, burton, buscemi, cake, camping, canon harry potter icons, canon snape, cold beer, cold nights, coleman, crying at movies, curtains of black-greasy hair, dark arts, dark mark, de niro, death cab for cutie, depp, digital art, doctor who, doomsday theories, dos equis, dr. dre, draco malfoy, dwight schrute, dylan, edward cullen, ewan, fan fiction, fred and george, gardening, george and fred, ghost stories, gilbert and sullivan, granger/snape, greasy git, half-blood prince, hank williams, harry potter fan fiction, hauntings, hg/ss, hp, ice cube, icons, indie rock, jam, janis joplin, jaws, jim halpert, johnny cash, kaiser chiefs, lazonarosa, led zeppelin, legolas, libertines, long black cloaks, long sallow fingers, lotr, malfoy, michael scott, middle ages, millicent bulstrode, monty python, new pornographers, nirvana, pam beesly, pink floyd, plague, potions, potions master, potions stained fingers, potter, potterverse, pulp fiction, radiohead, raiders, salt-water fishing, saturday night live, scorsese, severus, severus snape, shins, snape, snape fan fiction, snape icons, snape's infamous underpants, snape's skinny body, snapecast, snow patrol, stalking about hogwarts castle, straylight run, stubb's bbq, sublime, syphocant-hex, taking back sunday, tarantino, tents, texas state parks, that 70's show, the black death, the eels, the killers, the office, the office fan fiction, the strokes, the tenth doctor, thunderstorms, torchwood, twilight, vodka martinis, weasleys, ween, weezer, wilco, wilder, yauch